Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A lesson in perspective, or, "Dance of Days" reconsidered

This is not okay because major corporations shouldn't be cashing in on the fame and notoriety of underground icons.

This is okay because a man who fought The Man through suburban hardcore music warfare is cashing in on his own fame and notoriety as an underground icon.

This is okay because an original band member and Dischord worker is selling it. From his personal punk archive. "Good luck finding another copy in such pristine condition." Thanks, Jeff Nelson!

Does the first press Minor Threat EP come with a "Pay no more than" stamp? I'm just wondering if the tragic irony of cashing in on the supposedly not-for-sale is as blatantly obvious as it seems.

Bonus points for the nonchalant doublespeak to remind everyone just who the seller was. Punk profiteering while riding the nostalgia wave produced a nice boost to the ol' self-esteem. Not to mention a significant overage on what that record normally fetches.

I guess this is growing up, right?


scott pgwp said...

Never mind what they're selling, it's what you're buying.

Evan said...

I'd agree, except for the blatant profiteering. He's cashing in on his own personal capital by selling "personal copies," which is driving these auctions way beyond what they normally go for.